Basic Steps in Making a Food Review

Food review also commonly known as a food critic is analyzing of restaurant food by a writer who later publishes the final outcome of the research for personal needs or public demand. It is important to both the restaurant and the society, to the restaurant they get the platform to work on the customers complaints and to improve to how to satisfy their customers more, also finding alternative ways to improve their standard, to the consumers they get to compare best places to satisfy their needs and also places which care for their health status.


As for the writer, as the person on the field, you are expected to convey accuracy, confidentiality and honesty on the food that is on taste, smell, texture and presentation, in addition to the atmosphere, service speed, attentiveness among other general impressions of the restaurant.


Below are some basics steps in making food reviews:


Background research.


Ensure you take several meal at, maybe a certain resultant which you are interested in while taking notes after every meal this buys time to know more about the place. If you are brewing tea in milk, for example; Start by spending your own time to learn the history of the place. Poking the website of the restaurant is one great step it gives you lot of details of the place, example the co-owner or owners and the chef executive this give you a basic idea of the style, training and the previous ventures.


Compelling hook as the headline.


Headlines and first paragraph of your review should be catchy, should make the reader need to know more. In mind, you are giving the reader a chance to either spend time at the restaurant or choose an alternative place but still marketing your work. However, the writer should use promising and assuring words that will make the reader not to miss a chance to visit the place. Review should not miss tangential and interesting facts especially of the executive members of the place, people love to hear the others history for reassurance.


Describe the food.


Take a sample of 3-5 dishes that you will use to fully describe the food of the restaurant at interest, taking big list will look so tiresome and boring for the reader. Try to describe more than just, the food was good and bad. Give details on smell, texture that is the cooking procedure is it tiresome or easy, taste of the food, this being the major sector on the customers interest use descriptive words, simile, metaphor to keep your reader on toes and finally the food presentation, the food arrival, how was the aroma, did it make you more hungry, exited and did you enjoy the food.


Use adjectives in your writing.


In mind, you are not only selling the food but also your experience, therefore, use colorful and big adjectives. Some poetry and adjectives which are well placed in the writing, prepare the reader for what they expect at the restaurant. Detail description of the place which can be done by giving a short story of the area plays the role perfectly. Give location, atmosphere the surface among others.


Give some cons and pros


It is not fair to give only advantage or disadvantage of the place. Try to mix them both it gives the audience a good complete view of what they expect. It gives the reader an ultimate platform to decide for themselves which is pretty reasonable when it considers both advantage and disadvantages.




You’re the people’s tool hence they will need your view, your advice is their co thing they trust and believe in. Therefore, it important to advice what to skip, what to order, and it’s a great place for a date and best restaurant to settle in and the certain dish you felt delicious.


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